A salute to Sonia Gandhi.

I really dont know why Sonia Gandhi stepped aside to let Dr.Manmohan Singh take the post of the prime minister. There may be a hundred and one probable reasons., but to me.. looking at Sonia Gandhi in the point of view of a being a genuine human who is concerned about this nation., it seems like.. she understood her incapability to rule the nation. I think she understood that she was not the one who can reform india., that she was not a leader within herself.

I was overwhelmed with this noble attitude. This attitude is largely lacking in the politicians of the day. People who dont have the moral right to even contest the elections, stake claim for a seat in the house. People who cant put a signature, talk about social/economic reforms. People who are murderers talk about human rights. People who exhibit a dictorial attitude over the people talk about democracy. Amist this., the genuinity of Sonia Gandhi is like a full bloomed lotus growing in a pond full of sewage water.

Some people claim that the reason for her to step down was for her own self security. But., if she was really bothered about her security, she wouldnt walk on the streets with the people. She would not mingle with the crowd. She did all that. Of course, it was a regular politician's act.. but not that of a person who is scared of her life. Take an example of Ms.Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of TamilNadu. She dosent do all this. She does want to retain her seat. She does want to be popular.. But., has something bothering her too.. that's why (probably), she is moving around with a thick motorocade around her. Morover., for a woman whose mother-in-law was punctured with bullets, whose brother-in-law crashed his plane, whose husband was blown to pieces., would death be a scary issue?? I dont think so. I really dont.

The genuinity of the woman is evident from the fact how she had manipulated the whole thing in her mind, and how she had acted it out clearly without making a heroic scene out of it. I can imagine how a politician could make use of so much of sentiment to gain more people support. But Sonia Gandhi was a gem of rare origin.

The nation should rise and salute her for her respect for this nation. For., no leader was so people minded like her till date. Long live her clan.


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