"How is politics and acting related?" The pathetic state in India where actors/actresses compete the polls..

I'm proud to be an Indian. However certain things of my countrymen really makes me ashamed. The polls for the lok sabha are around the corner. And you can see dozens of actors/actresses from bollywood/kollywood/*wood competing the polls. This puts a serious question before the layman. What does it take to rule the country? Just fame? Just money? Isnt there a need for some leadership quality? Isnt there a need for some education.. if not formal atleast by experience?
Roja, yesteryear glamour girl of tamil movies competes at some constituency in Andra pradesh. Some place where she has never set foot on. She sayz she'll justify her post., but letting her brother take care of the constituency while she is held up with her acting career. So., ruling the people has been taken up as a part-time job. A responsiblity is being treated as a Joke. Its not just her., there are a whole bunch of them.
So what do these people think ruling a country is? Is it a drama that they play before the cameras? Is it just a mock ritual of putting signatures and being escorted?
Hema malini, a hindi actress, stepped out of Rajya Sabha and commented that the proceedings were indeed interesting though she did not understand it. She was pretty proud about herself for her silliness. If all the seasoned politicians are going to be replaced by these people from tinsel town., what would be the state of the country? We'll have just bunch of morons disgracing the country. We've already seen the rule of this kind of people., especially in tamilnadu.

Will this state change? When will the people have a good ruler to rule them?

This is a decision to be taken by the people. :S


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